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Still today in industrial applications, thermal transfer printers remain the most popular printing system for small-format labels linked with a production software program. The advantage of thermal transfer remains its versatility in printing on a variety of materials in continuous format with high performance barcode readability.

Now that color laser printers have become a standard office commodity combined with the demand for color-coding in material tracking and warehouse organisation industry-wide, S+P Samson has developed labels or tags with the same GRAPHIPLAST® product characteristics now printable on standard office laser printers while offering the same high barcode readability as thermal transfer technology.

The laser printer has the same operational reliability in production environments as the thermal transfer printer when safeguarded by protective covers -especially developed by S+P for this purpose.

  All GRAPHIPLAST® products are recyclable

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  The advantages of laser printing
  versus thermal transfer printing:

  • Prints oversize labels in sheet format
  • Flexibility of printing color and/or black and white
  • Capability of printing up to six label types in different materials and formats from the various trays (ex: picking list, shipping and receiving waybills, product label…)
  • Easily transferable from thermal transfer to laser technology with S+P Samson software package
  • Economical: no ribbons and minimal servicing required