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Industrial ID Solutions is the exclusive agent of S+P Samson’s specialized industrial labeling products for the Canadian marketplace. Through continual product innovation and creativity, S+P Samson has become the leading worldwide supplier to the metal industry.

Companies today are challenged daily to keep up-to-date with changing market demands and technology. Proper product identification with efficient traceability has become essential elements to remaining competitive. Industrial ID Solutions’ mission is to share their expertise and provide innovative solutions to your difficult labeling requirements while saving you money. We offer valuable free advice, samples and on-site visits to help you achieve your objective.


The GRAPHIPLAST® product range offers:

  • High temperature resistance up to 580°C (approximately 1100°F)
  • Special coating which resists to acid-pickling, chemical, oil and UV exposure beyond 12-months
  • Reliable identification and data capture via barcode or RFID
  • Printable on standard office laser or thermal transfer technology

All GRAPHIPLAST® products are recyclable


Industrial ID Solutions offer cost-effective solutions with high performance which resist
the toughest environmental conditions and processes.


For more information and to help you with your custom application, e-mail or phone at:



GRAPHIPLAST® is a S+P Samson registered trade name. The name is made up of “Graphi” and “plast” - a synonym for a plastic that can be written on. The wide range of GRAPHIPLAST® films are used for plastic labels and data carriers.

Please refer to S+P Samson’s website for more information: